“Right Side Active is the creative and marketing service of Bren Murphy and I work closely with businesses, both large and small. If you need to update your brand identity, raise awareness to a new target audience, generate new sales leads, or keep valued customers loyal, I can help.
Websites, microsites, email marketing, brochures, promotional literature, brand identity design, advertising or targeted mailshot campaigns - whatever your creative needs, I deliver cost-effective results that work.”

So where do we start?

Firstly, I need to assess your brief of requirements and target objectives. I'm entirely flexible in my approach. Some businesses submit a fully prepared brief and clear set of objectives - others need help from the outset. Either way, this is an important stage for me to discuss and propose workable solutions appropriate to your business needs.

What should we budget?

I'm often asked this before anything else - understandably. With so many unknown variables at the outset though, it's almost impossible to suggest solutions and quote costs without first assessing your brief and clearly understanding the target objectives.

However, I appreciate a ballpark figure can be useful to start with, so to give you an idea, you should expect to invest around 10% of your expected financial return. For example, let's say you're looking to generate a return of 50k in increased sales over a year, you should ideally look to invest in the region of 5000 to achieve it - as a realistic budget. This figure is a conservative guide though and it may be less or more depending on the proposed solution.

In a nutshell

To summarise, I'm more than happy to discuss how creative or marketing services can help your business - without initial obligation. Unless you have a clear idea of target objectives, a brief and a budget allocated, this is probably the best place to start. It will allow me to initially assess your needs and suggest ways I might help.

So why not get in touch and talk about it today?